#Nora Turn 5: Kilgore Creek - Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond
Type: Switching Travel Time: 0:10:00 Loco: SD40 CRR
# Location Arr. Time Dep. Time
0 Kilgore Creek 03:50:00
1 Blue Diamond 04:00:00
Follow up:
Train Type Dep. Time
#Nora Turn 6: Blue Diamond - Open Fork SW 04:01:00
Departure: 04:01:00 Arrival: 04:20:00 Travel Time: 0:19:00 Loco: SD40 CRR Description: Kilgore and Open Fork Pick Up
Train Type Dep. Time
No trains
Train Type Dep. Time
#Nora Turn 4: Open Fork - Kilgore Creek SW 03:25:00
Departure: 03:25:00 Arrival: 03:45:00 Travel Time: 0:20:00 Loco: SD40 CRR Description: Open Fork and Kilgore Set Out